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Shipping & Returns

    At MADAME LA FEE, everyone know the number of hours, Patience, the Attention and all the Passion which the women put in their Works...

   Each one discovers has its own pace this Territory of Serenity
and Lightness of Heart which becomes quickly for much, an Essential Universe in which it returns with Delight to walk, to escape, put back and there share a wind of Friendship and Heart.

   For all these Reasons, your Work deserves Best Qualité in all the Details.

   The Kits of MADAME LA FEE are elaborate with the Greatest Care, the Materials used were the subject of scrupulous Selection and are all selected in a "Hight Quality".

   In Cross Stitch Kits, the Charts are Color, with Symbols Nets
of a Size which will enable you to read without effort. Lastly, the
Instructions are clear and detailed.

   Do not hesitate especially to contact MADAME LA FEE if you have remarks, suggestions or comments, they will be always welcome.

   MADAME LA FEE wishes you much Happiness in the Realization of your Works !