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All Models "Madame la Fée" are Deposited to the l'Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle -France-
All Right Reserved
CopyRight "Madame la Fée" n° 06 3 424 189

-It is Strictly Forbidden to Reproduce Pictures of the Site, Logo and Charts  "Madame la Fée" in some Form Whatsoever.

-Any Representation Entirely or Partial Reproduction without the Consent of Madame la Fée is Illegal.

-Usage of Cross Stitch Parterns "Madame la Fée" is Strictly Limited to Personal Use Customer.

-Are Authorised Private and Free Representations Exclusively in the Family Cercle. Copies are then Reproduction Strictly Reserved for Private Use of the Copyist and Not Intented for a Collective Use.

The No Respect of CopyRight is an Offence.
Incurred Penalties for Non Compliance Copyright Information :

-Any Edition Drawings, Painting or Other Production Printed or Entirely or Part, in Contemps of the Laws and Regulations Related to the Authors Property is a  Counterfeiting.
Any Counterfeiting is an Offence.

-The Counterfeiting in France Published Designs in France or Overseas is Punished by Three Years Imprisonment and Fine of 300,000€, will be the Same Rate, the Import and Export of Counterfeit .

-Is Also a Hit and Conterfeiting, Représentation or Diffusion, by Any  Form Whatsoever, a Work of the Spirit in Violation of the Rights of the Author, as They are Defined and Regulated by the Law.

-Is Punished of Three Years Imprisonment and Fined 300.000 euros for Any Fixation, Reproduction, Communication or Available for Public,  Expensive or Free, Whithout the Permission of the Author.

-Each have a Right to Privacy Moral and Matérial Interests Flowing Any Scientific Production, Literary or Artistic which he is the Author.

And on the Web...

-The Cross Stitch Charts being eminently Reproducible, Resale Them can not be Allowed.

-Occasion or New, It is Prohibited to Resell Charts "Madame la Fée" on the Selling Sites for Individuals, Show Models on Display Sites, Social Links, Blogs or Forums for Sales or Exchanges Expensive or Free.

Madame la Fée Thanks a Lot again All Embroiderers Report Because Violation of Copyright.

If You are in a Trouble, Please Have a Contact.

Madame la Fée is Member of ADPBE
-Association de Défense et de Promotion de la Broderie Europeenne-