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For the security of your payments by CB Visa MADAME LA FEE uses the solution of payment of her bank the Société Générale.

LA Société Générale uses the protocol "Sécure Sockets Layer" (SSL)
and ensures, thanks to a technique of encoding highly protected, the
integrity and the data confidentiality circulating on Internet
network. This protocol became a world standard is usable by the
principal navigators.

With this system, your payment by card is carried out directly on the protected server of the bank. No moment your number of card will be communicated to MADAME LA FEE.


PayPal, is the uncontested leader as regards payment on line, it
allows the purchasers and the salesmen to send and receive payments on
line. Paypal counts more than 96 million accounts in 55 countries and
areas of the world.

Simplicity of the inscription and facility of use..

You pay your purchases easily or send payments to any person having an
address email. It is free.

Paypal is accepted by thousands of professionals in the world. Buy and
pay in all peace by recording your information at Paypal.

The opening of a Paypal account is a simple procèdure which takes
only a few minutes. Once this operation finished, you can send your
payment quickly.

Security and encoding of the data.

PayPal attaches greattest importance to the security of your
information, your transactions and your money.

PayPal crypt automatically the confidential data which forward between
your computer and the Paypal system thanks to Protocol SSL (Sécure
Sockets Layer) and with a length of key of encoding of 128 bits (the
currently available highest level on the market).